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    Growth cycle critque

    My stats are 6'1 210 pounds 11% body fat. Been using various AAS for about 3 years on and off using just summer cycles. Im currently 22yrs old. Will be 23 when i start growth here is the cycle i want to run please help and make any neccessary changes

    Growth CYcle:

    2 iu's 5/2off 1stmonth
    2iu's 5/2off 2nd month
    4iu's 5/2off 3rd month
    5ius 5/2off 4th month
    6ius 5/2off 5th month
    6ius 5/2off last month

    AAS being ran simultaneously

    wk: 1-6 500mg of test eth a week
    wk:7-11- 750 mg of test eth a week
    wk:12-14- 1000mg of test eth a week
    wk: 7-8 50mg anadrol
    wk: 9-10 100mg anadrol
    wk: 1-6 400mg of EQ a week
    wk:7-10 350ius HCG 5/2 off i like the lower dosages more frequently so it will lead to less estrogen build up.

    Insulin Dosages:

    wk:1-4 5iu's of Humalog pwo will bump to 8iu's depending on sides
    wk: 9-12 5-10iu's slin depending
    wk: going to keep cycling 4 weeks on 4 weeks off how long can i do that for?

    T3- Not sure if i should include some T3 because i can't remeber if Growth and Insulin supress your natural T3 production.

    Also should i run any Anti-estrogens during this cycle IF so ill run nova 50mg ED


    wk:15-18 HCG same dosage
    wk: 19-21 Clomid 300/100/50
    wk:14-21 novadex or extremetense 50mg daily
    wk:15-16 120mcg clen a day
    wk:17-18 100mg of ephedrine a day
    wk:19-20 120-200mcg of clen a day


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    ok...i'm definately not a vet...but i'll trow in my 2 cents for you bro and then i'll let people chime in w/further info...(keep in mind that i've never done GH but i've been researching for a few months now and starting my first GH run in a few weeks straight through the winter)

    1st say you've done various cycles over 3 years for summer cycles. can you elaborate? how many and what did those cycles look like. this your first time using GH? 6iu's is kinda high for a beginner gh cycle.'re ramping upwards on the test all the way up to a gram a week for the first half of the cycle and then nothing for the 2nd half. why not just go with a steady 500mg or 750mg and go for longer time? a gram is pretty high but then again i don't know what your history with test is or your goals.

    4th...the EQ is almost worthless @400mg for that short a period of time. i'd lower the test dose and higher the EQ dose ( like 500 or 600mg/week for the EQ) and run them both together longer and for the same length of time. EQ is better run longer than 12 to 14 weeks.

    5th...why run the drol so late in the cycle? why not just hit the droll in the begining? it would make more sense.

    6th...maybe you should think about running HCG at like 250iu/3x/week from begining to end of the whole least until the end of the test and EQ.

    7th...being that you're going all out anyway, have you thought about using IGF with this cycle?

    8th...why the nolva@50mg/day? try something like adex, letro or aromasin instead. would make a lot more sense as an anti-A rather than the anti-E that nolva is...also better for the bloat.

    as for the slin and the T3...can't help you there...sorry

    also keep in mind i'm in no way critisizing your cycle...just offering some ideas of luck with it either'll grow like a ph@ckin monster

    anybody else wanna give some feedback?

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    Only reason for ramping up the test is ive never used test longer than 14 weeks so i dont know how my normal test production is going to be beyond that but what do you guys think then of running 500mg eth for 20 weeks also i wanted to hit the drol in week 4 i meant because i wanted to make sure the test had kicked in before i throw it in. But maybe ill switch to the beginning of the cycle. Ive used eq for just six weeks and like the results but since im going all out i guess i can had another 4 weeks to that. I mainly was using the EQ as just an appetite increaser since it really increases my appitite. Thanks alot for the reply always good to get suggestions like yours

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    I agree keep the test dosages stable maybe 750mg and def run the EQ @ 500-600mg or more for at least 12 weeks. Personally I love EQ. I would run IGF instead of GH 4 weeks on 4 weeks off. Better bang for your buck, the cost of GH to me is too high for the results it gives.

    Drol as a kick start is a good idea as well.

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    supersteve Guest
    Instead of running the hgh 6iu 5/2, you might want to run it 4iu ED.
    Also, for the first month I would run it 2iu ED instead of 5/2 just to get your igf-1 levels up quicker.

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    Sorry for responding to such an old post....but my question is how long does it take for hgh to start having a hyperplasia effect. I wanted to include the anadrol around the same time my body was going through hyperplasia to compensate for the splitting of the cells so they would make my new cells grow faster

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