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    LR3 IGF-1 information/experiencs

    i am just looking for some information on LR3 IGF-1 have heard about it but was wondering if anyone had a profile of it that breaks it down...also would like to know peoples experiences with it...thank you for your time


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    Yes,those are my legs
    Here's Hookers Profile on IGF.I can't recall seeing a profile on LR3 as of yet.maybe someone has and will post it.

    Here's my experiences thus far :

    @ 40 mcgs,no anabolics were involved.Didn't think much of IGF at that dose
    @ 50 mcgs.That was done at PCT.Did help keep weight up.Still wasn't impressed.
    @ 60 mcgs.That was ran with HGH.I was pleased with the run on IGF
    @ 60 mcgs. Ran that with anabolics/HGH.I was pleased with results,much more than previously.
    @80 mcgs.Test and HGH.This is where the magic starts!!!I'm pissed I didn't bump the doses in earlier cycles.

    Next month I'll be running 120 mcgs split twice daily.60 AM/60 PM.I migh even split into into (3) 40 mcg shots.Undecided on that as of now.

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    Im taking 20mcg twice daily now during my post cycle ( currently 6th week off) with injecatable ALRI IMpact ultra 3x a week and my strengths still rising post cycle.

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