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    Started Jin.....any suggestions?

    I had just bought som Jin from GenSci and started 2IU every morning and plan on using every morning for the first 20 days and then going 6 days on and 1 day off, the whole kit that way would last 8 weeks. I have read some interesting threads thus far and now I am concerned I need to be doing this for 6 months?? I know several juiceheads who have told me cycling Jin for a month to 2 months is plenty in order to just burn fat. Here are my reasons, I'm not lookign to build mucsle, I think i have enough of it, my problem is body fat, I'm looking to drop a solid 30-40 pounds, I weigh 260 and I'm 26 years old, BF is probbly in the mid 20 percent range. Any thought I what else i can take, how long i shoudl take the Jin for or shoudl i take some other kind of thermogenic such as ephedrine?? Any thoughts would help.

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    I would never buy HGH for fat loss,to expensive, other products are better, plus you can never beat a good diet and cardio for fat loss.


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