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    Hgh between cycles?

    I just finished a cutting cyle of 9 weeks with masteron 50mg eod, tren 75mg eod, anavar 40mg ed. Last 2 week with clen at 120mcg.

    Im curently at 98kg at 6% bodyfat. Im using the normal things like clomid clen.. in my pct. But am wondering if taking Hgh would be a good choice to use till my next cycle or maybe keep using it with my second cycle?

    Wont to stay of AAS for about 3 months.

    I wont to use it to stay lean (becouese probely a contest next year) en maybe ad some weight.. This is the first time using Hgh so how many Iu schould i take? i'm Thinking of starting with 4iu and then see how it goes? And what schould i take withg it? I dont want to get fat so slin is not an option.

    Sorry that my englisch is not so good. I'm Dutch.

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    If you wanted to do that, you should of started the HGH with the cycle. It can take 2-4 months to see results from HGH. So I'd say you missed that window. Think about LR3, the results are quicker.


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