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    HGH "potency"???

    Ok, this might be a stupid question, but after reading a lot about HGH and the sides and how sides develop, I am coming to the conclusion of this....

    The more sides you get from a low dose = the more "potent" or "active" your GH.

    Does this sound right?

    Lets say I run 1.5 iu a day Jintropin, and get the numb tingles, some water retention etc.

    But I need 2.5 iu a day to get the same sides from Humatrope.

    Wouldn't this mean the Jins are "stronger"?? They're both the same peptide.

    I guess the ultimate question is....are sides dose dependent and are sides an indicator of how "active" your HGH is???

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    IMO opinion sides can be derived from just about anything. Some people break out from Fina, others dont. Some people get elevated BP and LDL from gear, others may not.

    What I"m trying to say is that our bodies react differently from one another. When there are side effects listed on any med there is always an elaborate list. Doesnt mean that we will get them all if any. I"ve ran up to 5iu's of GH and never really felt any sides. And I get Prescribed Serostim. I know of others that get sides minor sides as the ones you listed Duct from any Gh at a low dose.

    It's all based on the individual.

    I've always ran serostim but am going to hit Jin next time around. Then maybe after that I can add alittle bit more here.

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