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    Growth Stimulant vs Anti Growth Inhibitor

    To begin with, I have limited experience and knowledge on such topics, which is why i'm here.
    I have read and understand that the most realistic (cost effective) means to achieve higher HGH levels is not to replace it, but to stimulate it's production through a somewhat dormant, but still capable Pituitary gland, through the use of Secretagogue-1.
    Would it also be beneficial to attack the body's increased production (with age) of Stomatostatin, the body's natural inhibitor to growth hormone , therefore to reduce the breakdown of GH?
    Has such a procedure been trialed/documented, or is there such a product available to achieve this?

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    Forget about all those HGH stimulating products they are all fu<king crap, don’t waste your money they don’t work. If you want higher HGH levels get yourself some Jintropin but if cost is an issue then forget about it. What is your goal? gain mass or to shed some body fat?

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    You sound like a supplement commercial, do you have any science to show these supplements to be better then using HGH? Secretagogue-1 is a supplement, so you probably got your info from what they say, but real life experiance has shown us that HGH is better then a secretagogue.


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    Johnny, I just want help, not attitude. I'm not telling you how it is, I am asking you, that is why I stated that I have limited knowledge on the subject. Have you used them both? Can you share with me the effects of each one and if Secretagogue is at all beneficial?
    Graeme, cost is a concern for me, but for certain goals, sacrifices must be made eh. My goals ARE mass, less so fat loss, but primarily for the reparative and regenerative qualities it has on the body as I lead a rather physically demanding career in the Military.

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