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Thread: snide jintropin

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    Irecently decide to get myself a course of hgh. because of the cost and the course is for some time in the future i thought it easier if i bought it box by box i was after 5 boxes and was giving myself 6 month or so to accunalate them. i got my first box last week. Last night i decided to check it out on thier site i punched the numbers in and hey presto it said it was fake. i was devastated man. then i remembered an old box i had from about a year ago which id used when i didnt really know all i needed toknow about the stuff. however that box did what u would expect a box to do at 2iu p/d. i then inputed the security numbers off that box and guess what that came up fake idont dnow what to make of it. i have seen numerous pics of jin box vials etc and they are exactly thesame as mine . ive only been using computers about 6mnt i dont know how to send pics but i could get a camera for tomorrow and buy a lead or whatever u need if pics would help. i have already e-mailed them but that was just about half hour ago. could u guys shed any light would be mucc appreciated if ive been scammed theyre good at it

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    Ask you source what's up, yell him what happened and if to clear it up


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