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    A friend of mine is being offered some Novalin and it's 100iu for around $200. I've never looked into novalin or know anything about it and he was wondering if it'd be a good price to pay for it. I told him I'd check on it, so is this stuff worth buying or should he pass on it and get something else. He's never tried GH or IGF-1, only anabolics

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    OUCH, you can get a 1000iu of Humalog for 40 bucks


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    shit boy id be knockin ur guy out if i were u n tell hin to screw himself, go to walmart its like $35

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    Hi Billyspt4, I believe the insulin you are talking about is either Novolin R, Novolin L or Novolin N. Quite clearly, as you can see there are quite a few types of insulins in the Novolin range. Novolin R is like Humalin R, it is in your system for quite sometime. On the other hand, you have Novolin N and Novolin L which stays in your system for even longer than Novolin R. Quite frankly, I wouldn't recomend any of these insulins as they are all long acting compounds. There will be much less stress and much less chance of fat storage if you use short acting insulins such as Humalog (most common) or Novolog. These two types of insulins are much eaiser to use when compared to any other insulins momentarily on the market.

    Even though long acting insulins aren't totally useless, it would be much wiser to stick with fast acting insulins such as Humalog or Novolog because they are much eaiser to use because of the on-set and active duration times.

    All the best, and good luck.


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