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    which ifg-1 do ya'll recomend?

    i just started 2i.u. growth ed and i'm gonna do that for about 50 days and then start 4 ed. i also want to run some igf. i've seen the igtropin and omega, but are there any others. also i might run 6i.u. slin and some juice for 8 weeks when i use 4i.u. growth. would that be the best time to use the igf? thanks-pauliem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulieM.
    also i might run 6i.u. slin

    You're going to run Slin for 8 weeks straight?

    You'll get mixed reviews on the variaties of LR3 out there. I've tried Omegas and running Igtrpoin now. Paid double for the IG and dont see much of a difference between the two. So in the future it's a no brainer in my case

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    I thought Igtropin sucked, gald I didn't pay for it. As far as what brand, all I can say is make sure it's from a reputable guy. I've also used some LR3 from china that wasn't gensci and it work as good.


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    IGF makes you more sensitive to insulin so if you've never done slin before I wouldn't run em together. Alternate weeks on IGF and 4 weeks on slin. Also you can get away with lower doses of GH while your on IGF.

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