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Thread: Hgh

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    Is it a bad idea if someone is having endoscopic thorasic surgery in one week for them to keep taking HGH??

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    Not sure what the sugery is, but I'd say stop since you're having surgery


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    if it were muscle, or ligament surgery.. i'd say yes.. but i would stop with this one..

    good luck..

    In order to treat hyperhidrosis, the surgeon must clip or divide the overactive sympathetic nerve chain at the level of the T2 ganglia.

    Thanks to developments in the field of endoscopic surgery, which uses small instruments and cameras that allow the surgeon to enter the body with miniscule incisions, the procedure can be performed with minor discomfort. The operation is performed on an out-patient basis by placing the patient under general anesthesia throughout the surgery, which lasts about an hour. Most patients can walk out of the medical center within 2 hours after surgery. Regular physical activity and return to work are possible within one week or less.
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    i don't know what kind of surgery it is you get but when i had mine pec ripped off i stopped the hgh a week before the surgery and continued it as soon as i felt fine.


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