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    First signs of HGH cycle working

    Can any of you guys tell me what are the first signs of the GH you are using being legit or fake ?
    I purchased Norditropin made by Novo Nordisk A/S just wanted to know how long it should be before i start having numbness in my hands or joint aches i have only been on it for 7 days but wanted to know at what point i would get any feeling of it being good or shit.
    I'm on 4iu's a day at the moment but dont want to purchase anymore if its not legit.

    Thanks for your time guys.

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    supersteve Guest
    Bloat and numbness/tingles in the hands and feet (especially at night) should occur during the first few weeks.
    Or to know for sure you could just go get a pregnancy test from the pharmacy and squirt a bit of ya hgh on that because fake hgh is usually pregnyl (hcg ).

    Most people start at 2iu ed. So at 4iu you should definitely see some bloat really soon.

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    Nov 2005
    Thanks for your reply Steve, Ive had the same stuff before and it was good but never had enough, though ive been tld this may be a bad batch.

    Thanks again

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    Beside the sides mentioned, you would see some fat lose, you won't get much muscle


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    Definately should see some fatloss first.I actually see more clarity in abs in the morning following a pm shot.My friends have noticed the same thing.I seem to be always hungry eating more and not putting on exta fat.

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