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    whats the goin rate for HGH in Canada...Canadians help please!!

    Hey fellow Canadians, can anyone tell me what the goin rate for hgh is here in Canada, I live in the Maritimes and have a source that gave me a price on a kit, and I think it's too expensive, he assured me that he is offering me a discounted price, just wanna find out what everyone else is payin, thanks EH!!!

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    I dont blame you for starting this thread after telling us what you were going to pay in a previsou thread.

    Good Luck in your search

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    10000 IU's by the time it hits the gym level can run you anywhere between $100 and $125.

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    you might atract some scammers with this and your previous thread,be carefull.


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    one of my source does it for $650/kit of jintropin 100iu but I know its around for cheaper

    this source is on average 20% more expensive than my others so maybe subtract 20% from that above price and thats average?

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    free when you find some old dood to get a prescription and take advantage of our wonderful health care system!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justin Sane
    free when you find some old dood to get a prescription and take advantage of our wonderful health care system!
    "Hey unh... Grandpa, I wont put you in a home if you tell the doc you need GH..."

    "What the hell is that, billy?"

    "Doesnt matter, baldy, just get it from the doc and you can stay in the basement..."

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