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Thread: gene doping....

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    Cool gene doping....

    I wasn't sure where this should go so I'll leave it here.. Ever wondered what the ultimate outcome of constantly messing with genetic potential? I mean granted if you have cancer cells with the use of just about any anabolic substance would make them grow, but the whole concept of "gene doping is buggging me out... I know a lot of scientists especially in my UNIV. lab are getting grants to further experiments on gene doping, sooner or later we, (humans as we know them today) are gonna be overcome by a superior race of genetically engineered humans, that effin sick!

    And myostatin blockers that just stupid.... imagine even if it was only 2lbs of muscle a week gained while simeltaniously loosing fat.... your natural born genetics don't mean shit if you deactivate a gene that expresses natural regulatory functions, thats scary your body can't displace a constant amount of weight like that. who wants to be that big that it is a burden to walk around, the mice they did tests on were sedentary and gained something like 27% of their bodyweight (it doesnt say how long they were subjected to such a type of gene doping, but cmon how long could a mouse's immune system withstand such conditions?) so 27% of your bodywieght?!?!!? and you would be working out and eating probably more than normal seeing as how your body would soak EVERYTHING up! so who is to say you wont gain more?

    Im sorry if this post hasn't really made sense it does in my head, just got me thinking hopefully someone else can reassure me im insane, thanks.

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    No matter how much muscle they have, humans are generally weak to bullets.

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