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    Slin/IGF-1 carb amount

    So i plan on running 50mcg of IGF-1 and up to 6ius of Slin PWO. I know 10 grams of carbs for each iu of Slin. But how many grams of carbs am I going to want to take in with 50mcg of IGF-1?

    2nd Question, I plan on running IGF-1 at the end of my cycle, assuming with proper diet and PCT how much more does IGF-1 help as far as retaining size in your guys opinions? Would you say that a definite difference is noticed when coming off with IGF-1 as opposed to not?

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    i would run the slin and the lr3 after each other. this way you got a nutrient pusher in your body for a prolonged period of time.

    i would'nt run the lr3 at the end of the cycle, use it in the actual pct. this way it will help you recover faster and keep more of your aas gains.


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    Rodge hit it all, as always.

    Why dont you bump the Slin up a bit and save the LR3 for PCT. That way you have a constant Nutrient delivery system active for double the amount of time.

    I dont know if this is your first slin run but if it is you dont have to be afraid to pass that 6iu mark. Typically when people mention a lower dose then 10iu its related to fear of going hypo. Hypo is almost as common at 6iu then it will be at 10iu if the proper Carb/Iu nutrtion intake isnt precise.

    Before I get deeper into this. Are you currently running any AAS now? If so how deep are you into it? That way we can decide when to start so that you can get into PCT with the aid of LR3

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