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Thread: IGF Querry??

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    Question IGF Querry??

    First has anyone run any cycle's of IGF Lr3 at 100+ mcg's, and if so what where the results?
    -Second, Since IGF is Lr3 has a longer half-life than IGF1, Should it matter if u rotated injection sites or just in pecs,ok??
    - Any opinions please. Thanks

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    I have ran LR3 at 100mcg's and have seen much better results then any other dose. Just started 100mcgs up again today. I have ran lower doses and the higher I go the better gains I get......I will never go under 100mcg again, only going up from here. Results as far as LBM increase is a negative. But can say that I get a great pump and it definitely aided in some BF loss. Even while bulking which was quite impressive.

    I'm not going to comment on the Half life of LR3 b/c I still have not seen proof. But yes, the proclaimed 6 half-life will leave you with plenty of time to rotate injection sites. If you prefer pecs that fine. I like Bi's, rotate them daily........

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