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    Any agreement on GH ?

    Done alot of research but there seems to be as many conflicting opinions as there are opinions.

    First GH cycle for me.

    Just completed 200 iu's of my 500 iu cycle. I'm about 2 months into it at 4 iu's per day combined with 600-750mg of Sust/week.

    Any agreement on when its time to "kick it up a notch" in the cycle? Some say at about the 2 month mark and others say after 2 months of Test it begins to lose its affect. Some say use the GH as a bridge for the next cycle...some say bridging it is a waste of GH. Some say cycle down off the test and begin EQ and Winny and some say..."you need run Test with the GH to get the full effect."

    Just curious if there is any type of consensus on the subject. A little hard to run through old and new forums and get any kind of consistency -- doesn't mean anybody is wrong...just looking for perhaps an agreement of some sort.

    Any help would be much appreciated for this forum newbie.

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    Here's the bottom line bro.

    You need to experiment for yourself to find what works best for you.Honestly bro.I'm not trying to give you a short answer here.But what might work for me,won't be as effective for you.
    I can tell you how I run it and how i feel it's effective for me.Then right after me someone will post something totally different.And then you'll get ppl who will post saying HGH is totally useless and to run IGF instead.See what I mean?The discussion is an endless debate.The only fact is,no one knows the perfect way to run HGH.


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    Fair enough. Good honest answer. Still wouldn't mind hearing your personal opinion on what you do...if you don't mind.

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    for me i've start seeing result a week 9... now almost finish week 11 and love the result so far at 4iu im gonna raise to 6iu and start prop and eq next week

    Gh is the BOMB


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