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    Insulin on diet.

    Hey! im starting my diet 2 january , trying to be in competition form in may .. will be using much steroids in my diet, but wondering if anyone know that it is stupid of me to use insulin on a diet? have 2000 UI novarapid( fast) anuone can help me??

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    By diet I am guessing you mean a cutting, pre-contest diet? Slin is best used for offseason bulk, do to its anabolic effect on adipose.

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    I've used slin while cutting.

    For this i had to manipulate my carb-intake and timing.

    I used between 10 and 20 IUs Post-workout...

    Ingesting the majority of my daily allotted carbohydrates during the slin activity window.

    The rest of the day i ingested pro/fat meals.

    Have you ever used slin before?

    If you haven't i wouldn't advise your first time to be during a cutting diet... as you won't have any experience in manipulating your carb-slin ratio... thus you run a greater risk of going hypo...etc.

    Try it while bulking, as bulking is a state of excess caloric ingestion.

    During your bulking period you can assess the lowest amount of carbs you can safely ingest with each IU of slin... With that assessment you'll be able to manipultae your slin/carb ratio during dieting.


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    You will get great recovery from insulin , this is important especially when cutting as that's the time when you could lose a lot of size. However, be carefull as insulin is food dependant, too much nutrients when on slin and you could end up with some excess fat, so be carefull when using slin while cutting. If this is your first time with slin, I would not use it while cutting.

    All the best.


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