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    IGF question for Jhonny B and Pinn

    IGF question for Jhonny B and Pinn
    IGF question for Jhonny B and Pinn

    asked earlyer to keep this a decent thread but since this is getting more and more out of hand i'm putting a lock on it.



    just ban, redmuscle3
    very nasty language
    insolent one

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    And not to mention he can't spell! ahahah

    That im not native of this country is garbage! I immagrated from portugal and am in my junior year of college, and I'll tell you what you can't get a MBA spelling the way he does.

    And redmuscle if you are reading this, spell check DOES WORK!

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    its not in my power to ban anybody nor do i want to.

    i asked in general to keep it decent wich did'nt help so i closed it, as i close this one befor evrything goes on here further.

    i just want this to be a informative forum were we get along with each other in a decent way,i don't think thats to much to asked.


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