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    HELP! Quick GH question

    OK, I have bacteriostatic water to reconstitue my gh.

    I have had the BW for a while and it has not been kept in the fridge.

    I am wondering if BW will degrade...I really do not think it will, but someone told me that it would and I just dont want to waste any gh.

    I have it refrigerated right now, my question is...since it has sat out at room temp for many months, has it degraded, or is it OK to reconstitute my GH with?

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    No it does not need to be refridgerated but I like to keep mine in the fridge anyways for safety. Since GH is very sensitive and can be denatured quite easily, I prefer to reconstitute it with already cold BW.

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    I've wondered about that myself reconstituting it at room temp then refrigerating. That's a good idea. I am going to start keeping mine refrigerated so that it is already cold when I go to reconstitute.

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