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Thread: Gh For 1 Year!!

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    Gh For 1 Year!!

    Has Anyone Here Tried Running 2iu's A Day For A Whole Year Plus Running 3 Cycles Or So Along With It. Is It Even Worth It At That Dose Or Would It Be Better To Incraese The Dose During The Cycle/pct And Curb Down In Between To Save Some Dough. Any Thaughts?

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    Hi Ali G,HGH is not suited for the economically challenged individual,better work on diet and cardio.2iu wont do shit,even at 32.I would run 4iu for 6 months,that would bring not bad results.Or 4iu 5 days on and 2 off is another good option for 8 months.


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    Doses depend on your age and what you want to achive. As for running GH + AAS for a year, generally speaking I think it's a great idea. Educate yourself first.


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    Check my post.

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    Won't do shit huh? At 35 and a year on GH at 2iu's a day I look better than I ever have. I have better abs than anyone I know, my skin is tight and healthy and I feel great. No you won't put on muscle at 2iu's but it was well worth the money IMO. Even at 4iu's your only just starting to see results at 6 months. Most people will tell you to run it a year to see best results.

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