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    Confused about HGH?

    Hey fellas, I've been using AAS for well over a year now. (cycling of course) My source tells me he can get me HGH. I'm totally new to HGH and been reading about it but i'm confused about about a couple of things.

    1. is 192AA 81% to 85% a good product? What does 192AA mean? What is the best HGH in your opinion?

    2. I'm 24 years old. Is there any point in me using HGH?

    I'm mostly just curious about it in hopes of becoming a little leaner and keep more mass when i'm off my cycles. thanks

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    you def don't want 192aa hgh as you could build up anti bodies to it, 191aa only.not only because of your age i would say no but since you only been doing gear for a year now you still got alot to gain with roids only.become leaner is all about diet. yes hgh helps burn fat but you still gotta have a clean diet. and using it only for fat burning properties is quite expensive.-rodge

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    What kind of GH is it? Just curious.........

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    192 is somatrem
    191 is somatropin.

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