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    HGH, Insulin and Ketosis

    Has anyone used HGH while on a ketogenic diet? I am aware the HGH lowers insulin sensitvity and thus its wise to use insulin (exogenous) while using HGH. My dilemma is that I want to maintain a cyclical ketogenic diet while on HGH. Since I will be consuming very little in term of carbs (at least during the week) should I bother using insulin? I'm aware of the danger of rapid blood sugar depletion when taking insulin but if I'm in ketosis, it shouldn't matter as by body will be using ketones. Perhaps I shouldn't be in ketosis at all during HGH use. Or maybe I should only use insulin during the 2 day carb up phase. Has anyone any experience with this? Whatever input you can offer is appreciated.

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    Slin is not a must when using HGH


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