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    Question I have an HGH question.

    I told my gym manager I'd ask here to see if anyone knows.

    He (as I told him already) knows that to see the long-term benefits of GH supplementation, he'd have to use it for at LEAST 6 months, preferably one year at least. He is doing 4 iu's a day, 2 in the a.m. and 2 in the p.m. He has a great lock on kits, but the thing is that he doesn't get his other 4 until Monday or thereabouts. He finished up his first month on Sunday, so he's been off for 3 days, today being the 3rd day.

    Question is, how much is having a week break between kits (only this once) going to render the first kit literally useless for overall results that are to be seen down the road? Anyone venture to guess?


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    bump for SC.

    I don't think a week will do that much SC in my opinion. I was using 4 IU a day and I had a 8 days off for blood work to be re done and it was low but not as low as it was in the start of supplementaion.

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    I ran my first kit January 2005. I did my kit at 4ius 5/2 then thinking I was gonna score the same price and HGH from my guy he went dry and never got again. I had two weeks left nothing was coming up. I then hooked up with some guy giving it to me for half the price I was getting my others at. I took a week off and during that week off I still went numb, still felt like I was on HGH. I don't think a week hurts too much. I started again immediately 6 days later and ran it for 10 months non stop with the results I expected from it too.

    I had nothing but FANTASTIC results. This might not be much but maybe it'll help out SC.

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