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Thread: HGH & iGF LR3

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    HGH & iGF LR3

    Hey Guys

    i will ending a 24 weeker real soon and i will be running igf in my pct but my question is if i was going to get Hgh how much would i be taking a day in conjunction with my Igf ??? Thanks

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    Why would you want to start your GH post cycle? Ultimitely you want to start it prior to your cycle then run it throughout to optimize results.

    IMO LR3 works great in PCT. So if thinking that GH will aid in solifying gains then your train of thought is off. Proper PCT with the addition of LR3 are your best chances of keeping the majoirty of gains.

    Save the idea of the GH for your next time around. And seeing that you're coming of a 24 weeker that may be a while after fully recovered.

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    At 23 I'd save my money, HGH isn't going to give you much for the money you'll be spending


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