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    Bulking for a diabetic?

    does n e one have any info on insulin dosage, and diet advice for a diabetic who is trying to bulk up? any suggestions would be great.

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    JUst keep your diet clean and eat alot of "clean calories" to get the mass. Don't mess with you insulin dosage, being a diabetic keep your insulin the same!!

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    Being a diabetic you should be quite familiar with checking and controlling your's the same when taking synthetic insulin , i would go as far as saying that a diabetic would have an advantage over non diabetics in using insulin for the sake of gaining LBM. What is your insulin regimin right now? What is your fasting glucose?

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    i am a diabetic, and use humalog pwo as a bulker, must say.. i have gained more power and mass than some ppl that use the real gear..
    being a diabetic is a huge advantage when it comes to adding LBM!
    i would recommend monitoring your blood glucose every hour.. and keeping the numbers in the regular range of 4-7mmol/ml (reg in canada)..
    one said do not mess with your insulin dosage, i say i think you should, because diabetics already have a strong grasp on their bodies.
    eat very high carb and protein, and very very low fat..
    my carb intake is high, most people say, between 1300-1600 a day anyway, soemtimes varies.. but never less than 1200g carb daily.
    this allows you to take insane amounts of insulin..
    the trick is this.. example : you're blood glucose is 5.5 pwo..
    take the given amount of insulin that will let you eat a 200-300 carb meal, high in protein, and will put you into hypo IF YOU DO NOT EAT 1-1.5 later.. that 2nd pwo meal should consist of no fat, high carbs, and high protein..
    this is a way of givin your body the most amount of insulin possible.. and it works dramatically...
    if anythings confusing, or if im wrong.. lol lemme know..
    i believe i got a good grasp on this. hope it helps..

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