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    GH w/ slin for cutting?

    I hear GH is great for cutting, and GH works even better with slin. MY question, when cutting, do I add slin with hgh.

    BTW, My cycle will also include T-3, test, tren , tbol for a 14 wk cycle. The hgh will be dosed at 5iu 5on/2off, possibly l3igf-1. Im 24, 230lbs and around 17% bf.

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    I personally don't like using slin when cutting...insulin inhibits fat from being released as fuel. With that said, GH prevents insulin from storing fat, or atleast it promotes insulin to favour the muscle and liver stores. If your just going PWO with your slin than that should work, again i avoid taking synthetic slin when cutting...i just spike my own slin naturally. GH and slin are a wonderful duo, especially since your adding t3 as well.

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    At 24 HGH isn't going to do much, it's more age dependent and that an expensive fat burner


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