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Thread: HGH Help

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    HGH Help

    Im very much unhappy with my bone structure(foot, ankle, hand, calf size.) I'm considering starting HGH at age 23. I've also been lifting since I was about 20 and notice a loss of motivation, general drive etc. My test levels were taken recently and came back low(383), but were 700 when I was 19.

    My doctor said it varies and said he thought I was fine and would not even retest me. I disagree, as I notice all the signs of low t, not to mention my levels were shown to be in the low range. I am also young, lift regularly, don't drink often, don't smoke, am not obese, and have a fairly good diet. I should note they were taken in the morning when they are supposed to be higher as well. Although, I'd like to start test, I'm more interested in HGH. I was thinking about a 6 to 8 month cycle. I was prescribed adderall for a good majority of my life and I'm aware that this pushes back maturation. I believe my growth plates could possibly still be open. If they are, i think there is only a small window of time. Could this possibly help me and is it safe? Will there be any feedback cycles within my body if I suddenly stop after 8 months.

    I was wondering what you all thought of this logic and situation. I have many questions, but most of them are against forum rules. I don't know who to turn to and don't want to mess myself up. This is a last ditch effort to grow and I don't know if it is worth it. Also, are there any thoughts on test use? I was considering Winstrol if I decide to do it. If my test levels prove to be consistently low for someone of my age and health, and a doctor is unwilling to help for insurance reasons, I might consider taking it into my own hands with a "fitness dose."


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    whats your height/weight/bf%?

    any previous cycles that may have screwed your natty test?

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    Dont take things into your own hand or you will probably have more regrets than you have now. Trying to get real HGH is about the same odds as winning the lottery now days. Everyone CLAIMS they have a good source but most have no clue just like everyone claims to have a system for beating Vegas but you notice they arent rich?

    Using HGH is not going to change your bone structure like you want. It does not work that way and there is not way to make it work for one area and not another. How would you feel if your foot, ankle, hand, calf size all stay the same but your forehead, nose and jaw all grow?

    Using aas will not change any of these things either and using winstrol is a bad idea. It will shut down your natural production of testosterone then you will have to deal with ED and other side effects. Your going down the wrong path. If you are not happy with your doctor just find another one.

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    5'9'', 170, maybe 9 to 10%. What if my test continues to be low though? 383 is low for someone of my health and age and it only drops as you get older. What are my options? The reason I got it tested in the first place is because I noticed a drop in sex drive all of a sudden and then, ironically, my test levels were low. Doctors cant do anything with levels higher than 340 for insurance purposes it seems. Lets say I schedule more blood work to be done and it comes back around the same (383), proving some consistency. What can I do to raise my levels and why did they drop in the first place? I've read HIV can lower test all of a sudden, and I have not been tested for that yet. Doctors don't seem to care about the situation and say time will fix it, yet it has not. I did go on a high test diet and noticed a change for a while, but then it stopped working. If I can somehow get on HRT, I will have to do it for life and my body will get "lazy" in producing its own t. What are my other options and what else could have caused a drop. Estrogen?

    I did box for a while before this happened and wonder if something could have occurred from the couple of concussions I received, but I was told that if concussion were the cause, I would have T in the 100s. Any insight would be appreciated ab where to go from here to solve it and understand it?

    As for the HGH...what are the potential side effects of going on a 6-8 month cycle besides forehead and jaw growth? How else could it hurt?

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