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    Must take igf-1 with hgh?

    I've read conflicting views that you must take igf-1 when taking hgh. Is this true and at what dosages? If for eg one was waking 4IU's a day rhgh.

    What else must one take with rhgh?


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    why would u take igf-1 with hgh, since hgh converts to igf-1 anyways.

    with hgh u should take insulin and testosterone to get the best results !

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    there is a synergy between taking IGF and HGH together. i really dont think that many people would say that you have to take the two of them together. since IGF is pretty new to the market for most people, i think a lot of people are holding off on buying it from the research chemical companies until there are more first hand experiences.

    IGF dosages are usually around 25-50mcg ed. The MC board has a lot of info on IGF.

    also, oral AS's cause an increase in natural IGF production. so you could use dbol with your hgh if you didnt want to but and use exogenous IGF.

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