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Thread: rHGH???

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    "Since digging up stuff about Myostatin and etc., I have found many research laboraties with other various compounds at great prices, if I am right. I have found Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rHuGH) 1mg for $175 and I am not sure if it is the same active substance that is in say ...Humatrope or any other gh product. I hope sombody out there has some answers."


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    I don't see why not!...however at that price I would pass! that's not even 3iu's for 175.00...3iu's should sell for less than 30.00 but for me 10.00

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    The main difference between different HGH products is either where it came from or what the amino acid chain consists of. We don't use cadavaric GH anymore, but it can still be done. The legit products on the market are synthetic and have either the exact same amino acid chain (like Humatrope) or it may have more aminos or fewer aminos in the chain. One or two extra aminos can cause side effects. I can get into more detail if you like, but hopefully that's enough info.

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