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Thread: HGH injection

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    HGH injection

    What I need to know is....once you re-constitue the GH with the Bac. water in the slin pin....when you inject yourself how do you completely get all the GH into know that some solution is always left in the end of the how do you get it out of there? It's important because we're dealing with such highly concentrated solutions. thanx

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    the more bacteriostatic water you use the less concentrated the GH will be.

    that means there will be less present per ml.

    if you are worried about not getting it all then mix a little more bacteriostatic water and you will effectively reduce the GH present in the leftovers.

    don't go nuts though, only a small amount would accomplish this.

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    Draw up some bac water or B12 into the slin pin, then draw up your GH. You can go the other route too, as mentioned above.

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