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    Oral Growth Hormone???

    I'm bulking up right now so i'm not using it but my buddie has started to take a pill sought to be HGH with the # 134 on the pill and it seems to be working. From what i understand, it's coming out of canada. It's 3-5 dollars per pill. Has anyone else heard of anything about it

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    No such thing bro. total scam...Why???

    They don't work because HGH is a VERY delicate and complex 191 amino acid hormone. This brings up the a problem with companies trying claim oral HGH products. - you can not take HGH orally. So, even if a company wanted to break the law and sell HGH as a pill/spray or powder - it would not work because the HGH would break down before it ever reaches the bloodstream.

    Also, you have a financial problem. Give Eli Lilly a call and see how much 200 micrograms (the amount a 40 year old secretes each day) of recombinant GH cost. You will quickly find out that the math just doesn't work. How can they sell a 1 month supply for $100 when the raw material would cost over $1,000 a month

    There is a case when the above claim can be true - but very exaggerated. The FDA has determined that if there is less than 2001 nanograms (ng) of the HGH drug present in a supplement - it is NOT considered a drug. The theory is that in such small trace amounts, the drug has no impact so it is not classified as a drug

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    its a ammino acid bro it will get destoted soon as it hits ur stomache

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    There are no effective forms of oral GH available yet!

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    Your saliva would render it inactive and destroy it. HGH needs to be injected.

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