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    Will this be OK?

    I will be starting my next cycle in 2 weeks.I've run this cycle before and had good results,except for the hgh.This time I want to run hgh throughout my 12 week cycle.My problem is that I done alot of reading and learning about insulin needing to be run along with the hgh,and quite honestly insulin scares the ****out of me.My question is by running this cycle I have listed without insulin, can I still expect good results from the hgh or am I just waisting my money?Unless, someone can give me a sure fire way to take insulin and be sure to be safe with it.

    Stats 6'0,212lbs,30 years old,15%bodyfat

    HGH-4 iu's ed week 1-12

    Propinate-100mgs eod 1-12
    EQ-500mgs every week 1-12
    Winny-50mgs ed 5-12
    Tren -150mgs eod 5-12
    HCG -throughout 1-12
    Clomid-post cycle

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    This is very similar to the question in this thread
    The only thing you'll hear differently is that the GH will be better ran for a longer period of time. Diet is so very key if you plan on slin. At 15% bf, it may be best to use your cycle and GH to gain mass, reduce bf%, and tune in the diet. Save slin for next time IMO.

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