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    GH best dosage times with slin, and beginner dose????

    I know this subject has been beaten to death, but I never drew a conclusion from any of the 1000 threads I pulled up in a search. They are all different, so I will ask again, and see what the majority recommends for ME.

    First stats and background
    5'8 220lbs 10%bf 21yrs old
    Plan to start GH at 22, and around 230-240lbs 10%bf (about a year from now)
    4 cycles under my belt. Gained 70lbs LBM since I started juicing.
    I have used slin before, but only as a bridge, and only humalog. It worked VERY well on its own. This time I plan on using Humalin R 2x per day (morning and post workout) along with GH. It will be a 5-7months bulking (with some time off and on AAS, but stayin on GH) then 2months cutting into competition. I have read tons of information about shooting 7 days a week is mandatory and optimal for best IGF-1 levels.

    1. What is the lowest but BEST effective dose to use for a first time user? Iv been told as little as 3iu will get me the results I seek.

    2. Considering im using slin 2x per day, what is the most effective time(s) to shoot my GH for best results when combined with slin? I know a lot like bedtime shots, but I have read that its required to do GH shots 30min before your slin for optimal results, which would mean for me AM and early PM shots.

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    I am starting my gh,slin,as cycle this month and from all the info I gathered I will also do it 2x per day. Here is how mine will look:
    10 ius of slin immediately post am cardio approx 5:30am
    10 ius of slin immediately post workout approx 4:30 pm
    make sure to consume 100g of simple carbs (dextrose) per every 10ius of slin within 15-30 min of slin shot the about 1 1/2 hrs later eat a good meal. high protein, low fat med complex carbs. I always have a protein shake with creatine and dextrose added for carb count with my slin shot. This is how my slin cycle goes. With AS running for 20 wks total. oh yeah... Slin only on days you train i've read recommended 4 on 4 off to prevent slin dependency. Never take Humulin R close to bed time at least 5 hrs min from bed time. Unless you don't care about waking up ever again... Hope this helps Let me know your results as you go.

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    I have recieved so much help from Einstein regarding Gh and slin that i have to give him his due. This is all based on information that I got from him :
    4 to 6 iu Gh e.d. is fine .
    Morning and afternoon.
    You should do insulin with your gh shots as well. The only thing about doint the slin more than once a day is the meticulous diet that u must follow while the slin is active. As long as u space your Gh shots apart by 4 hours is the only important thing, except for not taking it before bed. Reason being you dont wanna cheat yourself out of any natural gh thats released while u sleep.
    Hope that helps u out.
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    I'd also say to start with low dose of slin 1x/day. This also goes for if you're first using slin with GH for the first time, as this too will affect your insulin sensitivity. Start with 2-3IUs post w/o. take in at least 10g of dextrose/IU of slin, BUT as time goes on, try to reduce this to a lesser amount that still allows you to stay away from hypo conditions....excess carbs are stored. Do NOT take in fats during the time in which your slin is active, as it will be stored. I will only use Humalog, as humalin R is active for longer than necessary and is less potent/unit time. If you're using GH with slin, start the GH first and find the dosage for YOU that gives you sides that you can tolerate (or limit it to the # of IUs you had planned on, if sides aren't an issue at that dosage). I'd shoot AM and sometime afternoon/early evening for the slin and GH. It would be ideal to monitor blood glucose first with no slin or GH at the times you intend to shoot the GH/slin, then monitor BG with the addition of GH, then monitor BG with the addition of the combo (over the course of weeks I mean. Get a good feel for your carb needs on GH alone, then incorporate slin).
    Slin can be used 30 days/on off or 4-5 days on/off. If you're monitoring your BG, and your diet is consistent, you'll be able to see any signs of insulin sensitivity being affected.
    Definitely don't shoot the slin w/in 4 hours of bedtime (humalog or any other longer acting slin). I'd also say to not shoot the GH within 4 hours of bed.
    Another thing....take in roughly 10g of whey/IU of slin or more to take advantage of the slin's ability to shuttle amino acids. I'd never take in less than 50g of whey post w/o anyway.

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