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    Length of my gh cycle?

    I am going to be researching with serostim kits in the future. I would appriciate help with those who have had exteriance with gh. Since I am relativly young yet 21, I have been advised to run it for at least 3 months. I plan to take 2 iu's in the morning, and 2 iu's before bed. Please pm with a current price serostim kits (126 iu's) are running at, becuse I do not want to be ripped off from my friend who I am buying them from. No sources please, just the price they are running at thank you.

    thanks for the assistance any tips or info would be appriciated

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    You should pay in the neighborhood of $400 for a 126IU kit.
    21 is young, and you probably won't se the broad range of benefits that someone older will realize using GH. I'm also of the opinion that you shouldn't shoot GH before bed but rather take your last shot earlier in the afternoon.
    A cycle of at least 3 months is the consensus opinion on seeing optimal results.

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    I wouldn't waste your $$$. Why? Your body right now is producing an all time high of GH naturally. Why in the world would you want to replace it. GH is best used with someone who is in there 30's.

    What are you expecting to get out of it? I actually paid 650.00 for Serostim. It's defnitely on the high side, but my buddy would just drop it off and say "pay me whenever", plus I take care of his computers and he pays me with GH. You gotta love it!

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