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    My Cycle Including Igf-lr3

    Hey Bros,

    What do you think of this? Any imput would be great.

    My stats:
    age 27
    height 5'9"
    weigth- 208
    biceps 17 1/2" Quads 27" waist 35" chest 47" forearms 15"
    squat 225x15
    previous cycle- one, 6 years ago, was young, did sust, d-bol, no PCT. Had no estro side effects.

    next cycle-
    wk-1-6 fina ed 75 mg ( I am starting tren week before Sust to make sure all goes well)
    wk-1-5 IGF-lr3 40mcg ed bi lateral two shots (20mcg each) one post w/o
    wk 2-12 Sust 2500mg every three days
    wk 12-16 IGF-lr3 80mcg ed bi-lateral two shots (40mcg each), one post w/o
    wk 1-17 Nolva if/as needed
    wk 14-16 clomid

    I will also be taking the following daily :
    animal pak multi vitamin 2 paks
    2tbls. flax oil
    enzyte (to help delivery)
    milkthistle and coq10
    procerin OTC dht blocker for hair

    Will w/o 4-5 times per week, 4000 cals, mostly protien.

    Captain Anabolic

    The information contained in this post is completely fictional.

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    KGBnine is offline Anabolic Member
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    you must mean 250mg sust right!?

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    captain anabolic is offline Junior Member
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    Yeah!, 250 mg Sust everyone, 2500 was just a typo.

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    I'd use a single ester test over sust every time, but that's my preference. I know what you mean by wanting to start fina before the test to see/feel effects and get accustomed to it, but I'd stick fina at the end. I'd also maybe run it 2 weeks longer.
    I'm also a huge advocate of both Ldex and nolva during cycle and pct.
    The 2x dosage of LR3 your second round may be a bit aggressive. I know you want to see if the higher dose will give proportionally better gains though....I guess I'm doing the same
    I'd do it like this:
    wks 1-12 test E @ 500mg/wk
    wks 6-13 fina @ 75mg/day
    10mg nolva/day and .25mg/day of Ldex
    I'd also have both LR3 cycles fall within the actual cycle rather than one layer over pct, but that's just my opinion.

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    captain anabolic is offline Junior Member
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    Mar 2004
    Einstein, Thanks for the input.
    I think I may switch and run the tren at the end. Also I hear ya on having both Igf rounds fall with in the actual cycle, but I figured if i do one with pct it will help me retain gains.

    Any how I think I will do it like this:

    wk1-10 sust. 250 every 3 day
    wk1-4 Igf 40 mcg day
    wk4-10 tren 75mg ed
    wk10-14 Igf 80 mcg day
    Nolva 10 mg/day
    Liquidex .25mg/day
    Plus all the other stuff I listed in first post like vitamins, milkthistle, etc. every day

    Captain Anabolic

    (The information contained in this post is completely fictional)

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