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    my first GH cycle?

    I am wanting to bust out a cycle with some GH, T3, and some Test. I have already purchased it all and Iíve been researching all of this stuff for months now and am still unsure as to how I should go about this. I know that GH will give you better results when stacked with Slin, and someday when Iím more experienced in all this stuff Iíd like to give it a try, it just sounds a little scary for me right now, but when I do decide Iím ready what is the safest way to start incorporating it into a cycle? For now I was thinking of starting my cycle in the following way:

    Week 1 1.5 Ė 2 iuís of GH 2x ed
    (would it be a noticeable loss if I did it 5 days on 2 off?)
    Week 2-20 3 iuís of GH 2x ed (I may stick with a
    lower dosage depending on how the sides effect me)
    Week 12-13 I will ramp up to 25 - 50mcg of T3 ed
    2 ccís of Test Enenthate a week
    Week 13-17 25 to 50mcg of T3 ed
    2 ccís of Test Enenthate a week
    week 17-20 ramp down the T3 slowly till Iím off completely
    continue 2 ccís of Test Enenthate a week till the end and then start some post cycle therapy , what would you recommend for this? How much how long?

    I am 25, 5í8Ē, 185 lbs. I look fit with a shirt on but with shirt off I have some nice love handles, I have no idea what my body fat% is but like I said I have a bit of a gut that is not visible with a shirt on. Iím a Marine so Iím in good shape. I lift a different muscle group every day of the week; I do 25 -35 minutes of cardio every day. I mainly want to cut up but I also want some size and strength. I started out my last cycle of Test and Winny at 175 lbs and ended up at 196 and am now down to 185.

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    This thread should give you an idea how to begin insulin least the bones of it. Do not start if you have ANY questions left in your mind.
    I got from your post that you'll be runing test E for 8wks, right? Wks 12-20?
    I'd run it longer....I'd go 1-1.5months on GH to acclimate yourself with the doses and sides (if any) and then start the test E. It's good to plan your GH doses like you did, but keep in mind the doses will also depend on just how susceptible you are to its sides (if any). 5 on 2 off is fine, but obviously consecutive use will yield the results faster....not necessarily better (or worse). Another thing to consider is that T3 with GH isn't exactly like T3 without GH. GH will lower your T3 levels somewhat, and you'll need to factor that into your dosing, depending on your goals.
    Diet will be key to reducing bodyfat, but GH can certainly help.

    You asked "how much and how long?" Were you referring to pct?

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