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Thread: Insulin info

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    Insulin info

    Below are a few links that can be very helpful for those looking at doing slin or that are currently using slin. The first is an interactive spreadsheet, where you can input your carb intake throughout the day, your insulin dosing times and IUs as well as insulin type (Humalog, Humalin-R, etc), and it'll give you an estimation of BG throughout the day. Keep in mind this is an estimate and will vary depending on an individual's insulin sensitivity as well as many other factors, but it's fun to mess around with.
    (use the pull down window to select "quick simulation")

    This second link is a chart showing onset and duration of various insulin activity periods. I would recommend using Humalog unless you simply cannot obtain it.

    This last link is similar to the second, although a bit more accurate, I think
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