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    Need advice on shoulder

    About 2 years ago i had a rocket for an arm. I threw in the high 80's, after a month between seasons i came back out and had shoulder pain and a ridiculous loss in velocity. I was told i had bursitis,imflamation, tendinitis, ect. Finally got a mri and it showed a tear in my cuff, had surgery and the doc said there was no tear but some impigment and alot of scar tissue around my bursa. so they shaved down the bone and detached my deltoid to scrape out the scar tissue, he also said my cuff looked strong and great. Now im 6 months out and my shoulder hasn't gotten better but i would say worse as far as pain when i throw. velocity is still way down too. so can anybody out there help me is it still to soon to tell or should i be worried, im getting really frustrated thanx bros any feed back would be greatly apreciated.

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    too soon to tell, give it time,you have some seriou injuries. pitching is a killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!shoulders worst enemy is baseball. are you doing rehab and or PT yet???rotator cuff strengthening exercises???? surgeyisnever a guarantee, you cant tell what will happen, it is different for every individual, give it time and stay positive, you need at least anothe 3-6months to gauge where you are at.

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    Don't panic yet, it takes a long time to really feel good...all depending on the operation performed and your work to get back. Keep on the rehab even past where you think you are at full strength...keep it as strong as possible. That will help with the pain for sure. Swimming is good, cardio, stretching, lifting and rest when needed. Search in the steroid forum for the Pro Baseball/Post Surgery thread...there is some good info in there.

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