I have read much about the effect of Both Deca and Alflutop on the Joints.

I am looking mostly for their effect on the Tendon, specifically the 4 that sustain my rotator cuff. I am now 11 weeks pos-op from surgery to a slight tear on the rotator cuff. SLAP injury to the shoulder is the medical term.

I am now past my phisiotherapy stage and have started my slight strengthening process of the rotator cuff (elastics). I am looking to speed up my recovery as I will need to build up muscle to what is was 11 weeks ago and some to protect/support the rotator cuff to prevent further injury.

My injury was described as "wear and tear". I was not correctly working the muscles (back, shoulder, chest) to support the shoulder rotation during my serving action.

I have looking into an 8 weeks cycle with the help of Doc.Sust. I am looking to build muscle to where I was Pre-OP and an added 10/15 lbs.

I am currently 6'4, 195lbs, 22 years old.

All advice is most welcome!

PS: Are there any Portuguese members on the board? Se fores.. manda um PM (eu nao posso pq tenho que ter 50sms acho)...