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    Lower back pain, cant walk or stand

    Ive started to get a little worried. Friday night I did a back/bi's workout. I have been using a t-bar for my bent rows, but Ive felt like my back has been lagging so I decided to use free weights to do bent over rows. I wanted to make sure I really isolated my back and I think I may have bent over too far while doing it, cause I noticed I was shaking a bit while doing it. I managed to get all my sets and reps done and moved on. Well the g/f and I went out with some friends that night, I had no pain or problems. The next morning I got up, we had some fun, then got dressed for breakfast. Went to the restaurant, ate, and when I got up to leave, I couldnt barely get myself out of my seat. I waddled my way to the truck and finally got sat down in it. We got home, I step by step walked into the house. I sat on the couch, and from there on couldnt get up. I never take medication for any pain ever, so I figured I took two tylenol 500s, two and a half ibuprofen 400s, and a couple robaxacet's all within less than 8 hours before I went to sleep, and it did nothing for the pain. I have to use a chair as a walker to get around, and its still very painful. Its all in my lower back. I cant support myself without using my arms to hold me up. I dont want to goto the hospital, Im currently half way thru my test enth cycle and I dont have to have to explain any of that etc. Well its now Sunday afternoon and Im still in the exact same pain as I was late Saturday morning. I dont understand how come it just came out of nowhere, Im pretty sure it feels like inflamed muscle pain but Im a bit scared now that it might be more. I did a search and Im gonna try some ice, I just took a couple ibuprofen this morning and a couple robaxacet, I was hoping I wouldnt miss any workouts this week, but its looking that way. Any input would be helpful, thanks.

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    This was posted on the steroid forum also... good luck at the doctor.

    Drink water for the dryness, you may be dehydrated somewhat... For the back pain, go to the doctor... Tell him about the weights, more than likely he will give test you to make sure you did not pull a muscle. If all checks out you will be given some pain relievers and muscle relaxers. Continue on the anti-inflamitories(motrin, advil) and if you are on orals stop those for awhile. The doctor will probably tell you not to lift for awhile, just do things that will not affect your back when you can get to the gym. It also sounds like you were not using good form and too much weight for those rows.

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    ok, ihave done this same thing at least 4 or 5 times in my life. its called a lumbar spain /strain. here is what to do, first the damage is done, there is nohting you can do to make it immediately go away, but there are ways of making you recover quicker, first and most important is ICE< ICE ICE< 20 minutes every two hours you are awake, make time for it, do it! no heat at all, heat willl make it worse for now, in 2 weeks you can altenate ice and heat, but ask me about that later, 800mg of ibueprofen 3 times a day to drop the inflamation, electric stim or a tens unit is very helpful, if you can get a hold of a unit, ask around family and friends or search the net. your local chiropractor wil have a stim machine for sure, after wk one you may want to consider spinl manipulatons massage therapy and or accupuncture, but none are necessary. they will help your recovery time, but with enough time you will heal. do yo have any sharp pains radiating down the back of either leg from your lower back? if so you may need and mri.

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