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    about how long to recover from back injury

    i fell apx 5 feet landing on pipes. i was wearing my SCBA, and landed on it. this was on dec 7th. no broken bones..x rays shows arthritis in hips and back. i still have bruising on my rib cage and hip. ive been doing the PT thing. i am improving, no more cane for the last couple of days...the pain is mid-back about t7. i cant have any pressure on the pain.....i can stair master no prob, but cant walk fast or jump rope....apx how long yall think before i am 100 percent....the PT says a couple of months....the doc wont say.....we have no light duty at to be 100 percent or stay home........i am bored bad already....sharpened all my knives ....cleaned all my guns and got a nanny control on the puter.........bored

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    he****g is different for everyone, probablyabout 3 months to 6months untill 100%. at 6 wks, you will signifigantly better, but you won't be at 100%

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