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    Red face Doc Sust so far so good (Was able to run today without problems)

    MMMMMMMMMMM all i can say, snowy evening, i decided to go walking tonight, i just love the calm when its snowing outside, the streets are empty and its really relaxing.

    This week i will not lie, i pigged out, at my job we add some buffet, Xmas diner and desert, i am quit astound that i only gained 4 pounds and my weight is at 196 pounds, we are night time so i am heavier.

    I hit the road and start walking, but suddenly i get the urge to jog a bit, i say what the hell, i started to jog very slowly, and did one hour stop walk and jog, sometimes to high intensity pushing myself.

    I got back to the appartement soaked and wet LOL, dried myself and did my streching, i develop some kind of burning pain in one of my triceps this might be because i do to much of the elastic work so i am gonna lay that to rest for now.

    I did some crunches to work the lower abs, the strech the quads, wokred the hamstrings and glutes to strenghten them and am glad to say that i am almost pain free.

    Of course this does not mean i will go running again tomorrow, lets just say that 80% of my cardio will still be walking cause it might be much to soon to get into an intense running program but still i am glad that there is hope.

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    every now and then when i am walking i step it up for a sprint for 30 sec or so every few minutes. good idea, jog every now and then

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