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    How Are You Really Meant To Feel After A Hard Workout

    Just wondering how you guys feel next day after a hard workout like chest and triceps..

    The reason i ask is that my pain is extremly sore in both chest and tris and i fear im this pain symbolises overtraining..

    So my question is should your muscles ache like mad the day after and i mean really sore..

    and my diet, rest is all sound e.t.c

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    I have to say that after working Chest I am sore for about two days. Worse if I don't have proper PWO or PPWO which I normally do but hey it happens on occasion.

    All other muscles are sore enough that I couldn't work them back to back days (not that I would even attempt that) but otherwise I feel great. The pain I feel the following day from all other muscles is good pain from a good workout.

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    Yes its normal to ache like absolute sh1t if you are doing something new or training hard. Its very good, as long as you weren't going completely overboard the day before. When I went to a new chest routine, I was aching solidly for 6 days everytime I did it, and that was only with 8 sets for chest. Ache is not a sign of overtraining, it is a sign that your body is not adapting to your workout. Ache is not directly related to muscle damage, because even after you stop aching from a workout that you have done many times, there is still damage being done and growth being stimulated. Just make sure you rest until the ache has gone, and you will be alright.

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