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    scheduled for surgery...need advice

    Went to the Dr.,had an MRI. Dr. Comes back and says that I have shoulder inpingement syndrome. He recommededs surgery. I said no, I want to try something else. So I got a cortisone shot. Shoulder felt great. About four months later the pain came back. Got another shot. This cycle repeated it self for almost a year and a half. I had a serious injury(not my shoulder) this past summer. I had to quit working out. I dropped almost 20lbs. I went back to try and work out and my shoulder is worse. Go to the Dr. again, now I have arthritis in the same shoulder. I'm only 34. I'm scheduled for a subacromial decompression. They remove part of the bursa and clavical bone(shave it down). I don't want to have surgery, but I can no longer work out. DR. says that iI have worn out my rotor cuff. Anybody had this done to them? If so what were the results. I was looking into the combo of NASID and Prednisone. I've been on the NASID's for a few month's. They only allow me to get throught the day(ONLY).

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    it seems you have tried conservative actions with no luck. if i was now in your position i would go ith the surgery, and i would normaly be the first to tell you not to. have you tried to rehab the cuff at all your self? if so, and it didn't work, i would get surg. done. u cant stay on painkillers and anti inflams forever.
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