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    Ice or Heat for my shoulder? WTF?

    Now, whenever I take a hot shower and let the water hit my shoulder, it feels great, especially after I lift. Ice seems to almost hurt at times so Im not sure what I should do considering I hear mixed answers as to how to help rehab my shoulder.

    I have an impingement in my left shoulder and my right was dislocated 6 times, the last of which was three years ago. I take ibuprofen occasionally but, is that OK as an every day thing? I dont know if Ibuprofen is masking the pain or helping it heal.
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    Ibuprofen is a mild anti-inflammatory I believe, so it will be helping with pain and taking the swelling down a bit.

    doc sust will know what is best with regards to heating/icing, I think he will recommend cold. I'm not exactly sure why sometimes cold is best, and then heat at another time.

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    bueprfoen helpsdecreae the inflasmtion, as well as ice. i only use ice on myself. heat will increae the inflamation, make it owrse in the long run, it feels good while the heat is on the injurym but worse later, i recomen 10 minutes ice, 10 heat and 10 ice, this will create a pumping effect and lossen the muscle using the increase and decrease of the inflamation also removing edema and waste to increase he****g

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