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Thread: Shoulder/Bicep

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    About a year ago last winter, I frayed my bicep tendon that connects underneath the delt. I thought originally that it was a shoulder injury due to the location but found out through various examinations that it was in fact a bicep injury. Due to the injury I had to drop front barbell press for dumbbell press, as i found with that exercise i didn't feel any discomfort in my delts/bicep. However, about a week ago during a max bench press attempt I tweaked that tendon again and immediately reracked the bar. My question is, how do you guys feel about machine presses ie smith machine and hammer strength as the main presses for delts. I am heavily prone not to rely on machines as I really prefer the free weights, but for rehab purposes i'm looking to rely on a safer, dramatically more stable method of training. Do you guys see good results both size/strength wise from those machines?

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    no machines will not work as well,but for rehab you have very little choice, if it was myself i would rather do very light free weight dbell presse and than as my secondary chest movement use the smith M. also if you know your shoulder wasn't at 100% you shouldn't even think of max pressing. you either focus on size or strength, it is nearly impossible to train both at the same time. do you lift as a body builder or a powerlifter?

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    I would go see a RMT for deep tissue massage.It hurt like hell but your back in the gym stronger than you been in a while from the injury.I had many injury since 1996 but i just started doing machine manly now,it better than not training.Plus the the machine are good now.When you fell better then go back to free weights if you like but just lower the weight a bit.Best of luck

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