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Thread: Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery

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    Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery

    I have read a few post in this forum because I had surgery for a Torn Rotator Cuff on October 27, 2016. I know that I need to listen to my Orthopedic surgeon advice and be patient I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that I should be able to do curls around February 2017 and should be able to lift more in April. My question is has anyone had surgery recently and were you able to lift normal in 6 months also I bought some BPC-157 from peptide warehouse but I did not feel any better. I have heard of TB-500 and HGH to help with my recovery as well. What are your thoughts?

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    I have never heard of anyone healing completely and lifting anywhere near normal in 6 months. Recovery from shoulder injuries and surgery is usually a minimum of one year but typically takes closer to 18 months. You'll be able to lift more and more as time passes after your surgery but to be pain free, lift as heavy as before and have close to full ROM isn't going to happen in 6 months. All of my rotator cuff injuries took at least a year. Take your time and heal. You can push yourself some but don't get carried away. If it hurts........STOP!

    Best of luck man.
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    My research and experience with TB-500 is that it works great for endothelial tissue, which is blood vessel tissue. So it helps re-vascularize and therefore, supply nutrients to wounds (when blood vessels have been injured), primarily in the skin. My Ortho said, in my mid-40's, the success of labral tear surgery is 80% but drops to 60% in 50's. I can't afford some things: HGH, Pltelet rich injections, depth chamber, or stem cells. I'm going to try ipam and cjc while I continue my, unsupervised, PT.
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    I agree with 600 and quit looking for a magic pill beacuse it don't exist.You were told this in another thread but the answer is the same.I went through it the same as 600.So if you want to tempt fate go for it.But quit looking for someone to say it will be ok.Beacuse if you look hard enough you will find that fool who don't know nothing but told you wat you wanted to hear.You don't make a living doing this so RELAX!

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