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    Exclamation another newbie question (make me a cycle)

    Hello, everyone

    Thanks for reading another NEWBIE post
    I have a bottle of eq 250 10ml bottle
    I have a bottle of test ethnate 200 10 ml bottle
    can some one recomend a good cycle with what I have

    Also, after I do this cycle I am going to take a break then
    do another one .I am thinking about sauce and deca norandorn200
    I will have a 10ml bottle of each .or should I do a eq. and sauce stack ??


    I have been working out for 1 year ,currently I lift some what heavy ( I have a bad shoulder ) and do about 8-12 reps.
    I work out mon,wed,fri full body and tues and thurs I do boxing
    I am 27 5'10 and 200 lbs .I am kinda round not fat but I have never had that hard look like a lot of you all .If some one could help me out with a cycle and mabey a program change ( what excercises I do )


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    First off this is in the wrong forum, you should post it in steroid questions and you'll get better responses than members cycle reults. Second, if its your first cycle relax with the EQ and save it for your second. Id recommend running test only. Thats what ive done, and thats what alot of other bros on this board have done. YOu should get good results with that. Next id recommend you get more than just 1 10ml bottle of eth. Forget the next cycle, look into getting another bottle first before you begin. best of luck

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    I would definately just go with an 8-10 week cycle of test, along with the proper anti-e's and PCT. I ran my first cycle with 500mg of enanthate with 300mg of Deca , wish I would have saved the deca for my 2nd cycle. I would run atleast 250-300 mg a week for a first cycle. Some might say to run 500mg a week to see good results. I believe in low dosages for a first cycle, from other's experiences. One thing is for sure, just run the test by itself so you dont have to guess later on what is causing some effects you dont like.

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    Weeks 1-10 Test E 250mg e3d.......simple and to the point.
    Have anti-e's on hand and do pct.

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