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    Who's This Look Bro's

    Restarted Las Week
    M-1cc Test E 250 , 1.5cc Fina, 1/2cc B-12
    W-1.5cc Fina
    F-1cc Test E 250, 1.5cc Fina , 1/2cc B-12

    This Is Second Week When Should I Be Starting To Feel This Week 4-5?? Whats A General Weight Gain For A Cycle Like This . Currently 6'2' 231lbs 7% Bf Started Weight Was 228 Thanks Bro's I Hope To End Up At 240 Or So And Solid As A Rock . Ill Take Some Pics Soon Also. Also Take 10 Mg Nolva Ed

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    well the fina you are running wrong. you should be using it eod or ed. weight gain is going to depend on your diet not the cycle at hand.

    should start to feel the fina in a few weeks at least thats when i start to notice the strength gains. test like in week 4-5 for me.

    run some b-6 or bromo for the fina

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