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    everyone please read...1st cycle help...

    ok, my friend was kidding around w/ me, he got everything past the, my 1st cycle i have:
    30 Sten
    20 primo's at 50mg a piece
    2 boxes of novaldex
    hoiw should i run my cycle?? what supplements?? etc..

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    it all depends on your stats, your diet, and what you are wanting to accomplish. also, if you take the nolvadex , it could keep the primo from getting it's full effect. if you want to get huge, here is what i would. the first two weeks, take 250 mg of sust, 200 mg of primo, and try to get like dbol , anadrol , or if you want a cutness, use winstrol ...from week 3-5 take 500 mg sust, 300 mg primo, then the oral (dbol at 50mg, anadrol at 50mg or winstrol 30mg) whichever you prefer. week 6-8. 500 mg sust, 400 mg primo, then the oral at the same mg. then taper back down from week 9-12. during week 8-12.. i would say take some clomid and proviron to keep gains and to safely reduce your high testosterone level. i hope this helps. i'm not a pro BB. but i think this cycle might help ya. especially if you are a novice.

    Big J

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    -looks like your going to need alot more gear than what you have to have the results your going for bro

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